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Thread: Issue with RailDriver (Open Rails stable 1.2 and testing X4081)

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    Default Issue with RailDriver (Open Rails stable 1.2 and testing X4081)


    I am currently using RailDriver cab controller. It mostly works fine with Open Rails Stable and testing (X4081) but I notice some issues especially when I hardly or emergency break, whatever the route or loco included in MSTS I use. The framerate drops from 60 fps (with Vsync, or 180 fps without) to 12-13 fps. And when the trains is stopped, the framerate quickly increase to the initial state. I have fully patched MSTS (update 1.4 and patchbin 1.7), I have disabled every graphics setttings (antialiasing, anistropic filtering, vsync...) and calibrated with lastest raildriver software for MSTS, put the new ModernCalibration and ModernController in MSTS main folder but I notice no improvement. I have also tested with adhesion factors disabled and, though wheelsleeping problem does not occur, the problem is the same.

    However, the calibration is fine (I can easily trottle from 0 to 100%) and if I unplugged the RailDriver cab controller, the fps does not drop at all. Finally, I have tested on my notebook with nvidia graphic card and windows 10 last update, the same issue occurs.

    I don't know how to fix this issue. I suspect a bug from Open Rails or from the driver. Could you help me ?

    I have attached a log file.

    Best regards,
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    Couple of observations:
    1. MSTS patched or unpatched and BIN have nothing to do with OR...entirely separate executable. So that has nothing to do with your problem.
    2. Compete RD calibration instructions are included with the installation instructions for the OR stable version
    ...or can be found here (near the bottom of the column) >>>

    Quoting from the page,
    The Open Rails setup documents have a section which describes how to calibrate the RailDriver for OR, and how to provide the resulting calibration file for OR to recognize it. Here’s the step-by-step in a somewhat clearer form:
    You should recalibrate using the above instructions, then check again to see if the problem still occurs.
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    I know that executables of ORTS and MSTS are separate. I have already carefully tried the instructions suggested on your link (that I have already read before) but no change. I am a bit frustrated. Would it be an electronic problem ? I would be amazing. It is like the raildriver could not read the speed in the simulator, especially when the increasing/decreasing is fast (emergency situation, or like a subway)... At the beginning, I thought that wheel sleeping could explain the problem but after disabling the adhesion factor, the stuttering occurs yet. Maybe I have hold the levers to strongly but it could not explain the frame rate dropping.

    Has somebody encountered this issue too?
    Best regards.

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    I chipped in over on the ET "bugs" sub-forum; I'm wondering if it's an issue with the very old hard-coded RailDriver support in OR. It's really a leftover from OR's early days. Also, there have been prior bug issues relating to the "advanced adhesion" model and frame rates, so it might be a follow-on problem. Basically, I've seen where any time there's sustained wheel slip, the frame rate can stutter badly. The RailDriver allows for making very sudden throttle and brake inputs when compared to the keyboard -- it has a much better chance of disrupting the adhesion calculation.

    Sooo... I'm not sure if it's so much a RailDriver problem, as it is the RailDriver's (rudimentary) support in OR may be causing havoc elsewhere in OpenRails which cascades down through physics problems and how the graphics system handles the problem. Unfortunately, while I can speculate on the logic of the problem, I have nothing close to the programming skill to really break it down and analyze it.


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