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Thread: Adding the line with " ORTSFont " for the cab

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    Question Adding the line with " ORTSFont " for the cab

    I have a question about one little part for the cab. I have no problem to add the line by adding ( ORTSFont Arial 5 0 ) for Brake_Pipe Digital, EQ_Res Digital, Brake_Cyl Digital, Main Res Digitaland Speedometer Digital with ( ORTSFont Arial 7 0 ). The cab I am using is the cab, Dash-9/AC4400 Photorealistic cab from Borislav Miletić aka =FI=Ghost. Everything look good except the little box with " AMPS " and " Throttle ". Those fonts need to be changed and make look better because of standout and blurry to see them in small box. So where do I find those lines to add the line with " ORTSFont Airial 5 0 "for " AMPS " and " Throttle " in CVF cab by Notepad or Wordpad or Context?

    Your help would be appreciated for finding two lines to add with ORTSFont 5 0 in two small boxes.

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