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Thread: Can't Post on Elvas Tower

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    Question Can't Post on Elvas Tower

    This happens even though I am signed in. Any way to fix this?

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    What is your elvas logon id?

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    Contact Dave on ET. He's the head guy. Where are you trying to post to? Some forums have restricted access that you need permission to view/post. (Might be wrong about that..... I recall some stuff happening when the problem child was on the rampage over there long ago and far away.)

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    From the membership agreement you received when applying ... and prominently on Elvas boards.

    New members are granted access to one half of the board -- Software Development -- which is largely focused on questions, answers, and feedback to the developers of the Open Rails software (and other similar efforts). This satisfies the interests of about 80% of new members. For others the second half of the board where Content and Sim Usage are discussed is also of interest. The content half may be accessed on request to any Admin. You will be asked to provide some proof of identity before access is granted. This extra security step is taken to protect the file library and board from peculiar known threats made possibly by the trivially easy anonymizing features of the internet itself. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.
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