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    I have a new PC because my old died. It has windows 10 which doesn't open old help files. If anybody has a copy of the help file for MSTS Activity-Analysis or send it to me or post here I would be very thankful. I need to know how to register it for the full verison.

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    Microsoft changed to a new help file format back in the Win7 (if not Vista) days, partly because of the ability of bad actors to exploit the old one (.chm) for malware. Up through Win8, they offered a patch that added the ability to display the format. Unfortunately, they are now totally blocked in Win10 - the patch no longer works.

    If you have software with the old format, there are some hacks (google, for instance chm to html help) but the process is non-trivial and works best only if you have access to the original help source code - so it's difficult for an end-user to get it right. Old (XP-era) software almost certainly has the old-style help files and no extant developer, so the hacks may be your only hope.

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    Hi Mike,
    so the hacks may be your only hope.
    Not so! Mine all open OK with Microsoft HTML Help in Win 10 (1709). There are several utilities which claim to open .chm files, but it could be that they are just blocked; try this first :

    To unblock a trusted CHM file:
    1. Right click your CHM file and select "Properties" on the popup menu.
    2. On the "General" tab, click the "Unblock" button.
    3. Then click "OK".

    Chrome is also reputed to be able to open .chm files, but I've not tested it!


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    Thanks for the help guys, going to try some of the sugguestions.

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