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Thread: Activity says srv file is missing. But the file is present in the services folder

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    Angry Activity says srv file is missing. But the file is present in the services folder

    Recently I have downloaded an act for a route called Nagpur-Bhusawal. The name of the act is 12723 Telangana Express. Whenever I open that act, an error pops up saying that "An essential file is missing and open rails cannot continue.
    Game directory/open rails/ROUTES/ngpbsl/services/ DAKSHIN EXP 1.srv". But when I went through the folder, I found out that the required srv file is indeed present in the services folder of that route. I tried to install that act many more times. but the error still persists. I dont know what to do!

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    Check there is not a space between the file name and the file type.

    DAKSHIN EXP 1.srv


    DAKSHIN EXP 1 .srv

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    In the .act file, all the DAKSHIN services are entered as, for example, " DAKSHIN EXP 1", ie with a leading space. I'm pretty certain that Windows doesn't recognise a leading space in any file names. The .srv files also show a leading space in the Consist and Path names, so I've no doubt they will also cause problems!!

    Your SERVICES folder will, indeed, contain those files, but without the leading space; Windows won't allow you to insert one!


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    I checked the whole name of the service as shown in the dialog error box and checked the service file too. but it didn't solve. I am attaching the picture of the .srv fileDialog box.PNG.srv file.jpg.

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    Ged told you what the cause was in post #3, and if you look closely at your error message you will see that indeed the act file is looking for a filename with a space as the first entry. All you need to do is open the act file and check every line that defines a service and make sure that there are no leading spaces in the filenames.
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