Only thing I like about being laid up is my son Matt treats his ol' dad to some nice payware once in a while. He got me Tiger Trains new NJT ACES set late last night & I been loving it ever since. I been running them in the type of consist that NJT use to run them in the years of operation.. An ex-Amtrak P40DC in front (When starting at NY Penn Station), 4 ACES Coaches & a Swedish Toaster in the rear. And with Open Rails power feature, I can shut down the P40DC when under the wires of the NEC & when crossing the Delair Bridge & on to the Atlantic City Line (ACL) do the same to the AEM & power up the P40DC. I have a few activities for the PRR-ED that are suppose to be ACES trains but using different D/L's. I am going to reconfigure them using the new ACES set, Check the station times, add a bit more traffic, get them tested and then release them on here when done. So, meet me tonight in Atlantic City !!!