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Thread: AI Train Won't Proceed Past Signal

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    Default AI Train Won't Proceed Past Signal

    Hi there

    I'm trying to create an activity for MLT's Kicking Horse Pass 2.0.

    The idea is for me to make up a train in the Field yard while 2 AI trains head east out of the Field yard. Once I have my train made up I would follow them east out of the yard.

    The 2 AI's start on different tracks in the yard but follow the same path east once out of the yard.

    Watching in the Dispatch window the first AI to leave the yard heads east no problem. The second AI heads east but has to stop on occasion until its signal goes green. The problem is that the second AI stops at the signal at Yoho and never proceeds past. The first AI is much further east at this point and the dispatcher window shows the path for the second AI is clear (ie. not red on the dispatch screen).

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can check to see why this second AI never proceeds past Yoho?



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    You could try to attach here a screenshot of the situation, with the Dispatcher info visible.

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    Well, I created a 3rd AI train to depart the Field yard heading east, again using the same path once out of the yard as the first 2 AI trains and all three proceed east without stalling.

    I can't explain why a 3rd train would force the 2nd one to continue but it works for me.


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