This is "Plazkart" car - cheapest Soviet sleeping car, car similar with European couchette cars and old American passenger cars with open sections, this car can carry 54 sleeping passengers and two porters, also this car can be used as commuter car - 81 seats (although I know cases, when more passengers were transported in these cars - also were lying passengers on the upper berths and standing passengers), this car is great for transporting large groups of people - military personnel, groups of children going on vacation, students and MOW workers, such in this activity.

There will be a pause with screenshots with breakdown train, I can’t say when this train will be able to get to Dunktown, but for now I’ll post some other screenshots. Not so long ago I was able to read a book "Soviet Railways - past and present" from 1989 year, in this book was photo of locomotive 2TE10L in the Soviet Middle Asia:

Similair train in MSTS: