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Thread: Full Bucket Line as non-American route

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    There are some ZIL trucks available on a Czech site:

    It would probably take light modification to make it work as an FA, but I think they would work well

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    I know about ZIL-157 for MSTS, but I use Praha trucks because two reasons - 1) In one shape file included two trucks, I can load two cars to flatcar, it's more realistic. 2) This shape file originally created as FA, added jambs for wheels to keep the trucks from rolling. Also I know about trucks ZIL-131 of Romanian Army, I wanted to paint over Romanian identifying marks on trucks, but there were some problems. If you saw, I did small repaint of fuel truck Praha - added Russian inscription "ОГНЕОПАСНО" - "FLAMMABLE".

    While I announce a pause with new screenshots from this activity, but today I upload small "Spin-off" with other train to Full Bucket Proving Ground. Engineer yefreytor (lance corporal) Vityazev and fireman ryadovoy (private) Nagovitsin runs special train from Lake Hurst to 71th Missile Testing Polygon (it's a reference to real 98th Missile Testing Brigade - Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan), on flatcar those ZIL-131 of Romanian Army:

    Perhaps it's a most appropriate photo:

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