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Thread: Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Announced

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    Hi Harold,

    Man - that steam locomotive looks absolutely gorgeous - I like the lighting in your shot as well...

    I did try that $10.00 TANE thing over the weekend - all default - honestly - wasn't too impressed... I couldn't figure out how to leave the DCC mode - the frames were actually pretty poor - and the scenery popping into sight as you moved the camera was a bit disappointing... Maybe I need to play with the settings some more...

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    Switching (full screen / 1080p).

    Chuck, Joe, Dispatcher here. Another early morning start.
    An incoming train will drop off a rake of freight cars. The Depot Crew have given you our small Baldwin switcher to shuttle the cars round the Yard.
    The hoist cables on the tree spar at the Log Camp are being replaced. Deliver the cable drums on the depressed centres to the Log Camp and unload under the direction of the Yard Master.
    Reload the depressed centres with earth mover buckets at the Foundry. Again the Yard Master will direct you.
    The hoppers loaded with coal and ore are to be unloaded at the Foundry. Spot the empty hoppers somewhere out of the way in the Yard.
    Spot the box car for unloading at the Freight House.
    The bulkhead flat with the sleepers is for the MoW (Maintenance of Way) Depot, next to the Loco Depot. The other bulkhead with concrete pipes is to be unloaded at the gantry next to the Freight House.
    Reload both bulkheads with boxes of castings at the Foundry.
    Haul the loaded depressed centres and bulkheads down to Innter for placement on the Ferry Barge. Because of the steep downhill grade you will need to use the braking capacity of the Prairie 2-6-2. The Depot Crew will have that locomotive prepared for you.
    Make sure the load is balanced on the Barge. The Barge Master will give you directions.
    Contact me when done.
    Dispatcher out.


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    Wonderful Phil, well done Sir. I like the route title as well, Innter Kohn Necktion, very clever.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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