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Thread: Freight Wagon Disappearing in OPen Rails

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    Default Freight Wagon Disappearing in OPen Rails

    Hi all, once again i have come to the forum for some assistance. I have earlier developed meter gauge rolling stock for Indian Railways for use on MSTS. Switching on to OR everything was fine but off and on the caboose/ guard van disappears from the scene and when the same scenario is restarted the guard van is there very much. This is the only rolling stock which behaves like this in OR. the coaches, the steam locomotives and other freight wagons have no issues at all.

    Kindly help and i can attach any further information that might be required


    Pravin David

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    I would like to know the solution to this problem as well. I also encounter this issue with some of the rolling stock that I have.

    Hi Pravin, does the default MSTS SD40-2 display correctly in your ORTS? Because in my case it doesn't.

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    Do a search for info on "vol_sphere" it may be the problem.


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    i will check on that

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    kindly let me know what i need to look for in vol_shere which may help me with the problem


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    In the first few lines of the wagon's .s file (it must be uncompressed to see it), there will be a line called
    vol_sphere ( bunch of numbers in brackets ) one number outside of brackets
    The one number outside the brackets is what determines the volume sphere around your object. The number is the radius of an imaginary sphere drawn around the shape. If any part of that sphere is visible to the camera, the wagon is drawn. An absurdly small number there will cause objects to disappear while still in the camera area, since the sphere is not big enough to cover the object.

    Quite honestly, that doesn't sound like your problem to me. I don't know what the trouble is, but unless it disappears and reappears depending on the camera angle, it isn't the volume sphere

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    no it does not dissappear or re appear. it just goes off and i c it only after a system restart or OR restart

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    i guess i have understood what you meant. i increased the number outside the bracket and it seems so far the guard van does not disappear but i am still doing my tests to make sure. thanks for the great and timely input to look into that aspect within the shape file.

    thanks once again

    Pravin David

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    Thanks i did alter the number outside the bracket to a higher no and it seems the guard van does not disappear so far. but i am still testing.


    Pravin david

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    From my notes: De-compress the shape file and see the following at the top.
    [email protected]@@@@@@@@@JINX0s1t______
    shape (
    shape_header ( 00000000 00000000 )
    volumes ( 1
    vol_sphere ( 
    vector ( 46.612695 2.9792 37.291229 ) 86.158682
    Where is says vector, make sure that the number outside the parentheses
     is larger than the first number in the parentheses.
    If not, change the last number so it is larger than the 
    first number by about 2x . If no fix , keep increasing it.
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