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Thread: This hobby as a passive income?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick_Cantu View Post
    Honestly, I see doing OR physics as a cakewalk compared to MSTS. Just enter the correct data and don't worry about it. There's more data, but you don't have to really fudge it so much.
    Yeh, in that regard, the code handling the data is certainly much more reliable and well thought out.
    My trouble Erick, has been comparing sources of data, particularly for locomotive engines...Diesel Shop, old manuals, existing payware files, Wiki --- sometimes all the sources ( and others found ) simply give conflicting numbers....a real head scratcher.

    Do you know of ( or anyone else ) of a really reliable, decent set of reference volumes for locomotives that contains accurate data for engines, tractive forces, weights, etc.?? Something outside of web references?
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    "Management of Train Operation and Train Handling," probably. But that only gets you up to the Dash-2 era, I think. I just picked up a copy for 12 bucks off Ebay, we'll see what it includes when it arrives.
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