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    Greetings everyone...

    While I have been a member of this group for quite a while, I have not gone out of my way to inform everyone of the massive amount of railroad data that I have been accumulating over the past couple decades. This mostly in the form of Land valuation maps as well as grade and curve charts (a.k.a. track charts; a.k.a. condensed profiles). Under the name of NMRO Products I have been collecting and assembling CD's full of railroad data of all kinds. Originally it was confined to the Northeast USA but it is now starting to expand south and westward as more and more people come forward supplying ever more material.

    Many of you have seen the extraordinarily expensive collections of track charts available from commercial enterprises. My goal is to keep this material CHEAP, making just enough revenue to cover the costs involved. CD's are a flat $10 each for a full disk of data. Some are dedicated to only one railroad at a time, others to multiples on the same disk.

    NMRO also offers a huge supply of railroad photo collections that are also helpful in virtual model design. See the whole assortment at:

    The newest available now is TC-13. What's exciting about that is that it contains the track profiles for the entire Sandy River and Rangely Lakes Railroad!!

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    I just wanted to jump in and endorse what Scott is offering. For the northeast, nothing else comes close. He's got almost all the New England and New York track represented and a good bit of anthracite railroad territory. And beyond. The discs are basically loaded up to the brim, or as close as reasonable.

    Some of the data disc's have other things like employee timetables.

    Scott has a long history as an active and helpful fan, and an engineer (and more) for the Vermont Rail System and a major reason the GMRC RS1 continued running for so long.


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