Back in 1938 The NY Division of the Rail Enthusiast & the NYSW ran an excursion on the recently filed for abandonment Wikes Berra & Eastern. The NYSW ran the special from Jersey City to Suscon, PA, Then on to the Susquehanna Connecting RR up to Avoca, PA. There it connected to the Erie's Wyoming Division for the trip back to JC. Walter Kiddie (Of Fire Extinguisher fame) was Trustee of the Susie Q at the time & wanted to cut ties with the WB&E (The NYSW was the parent) & with that the WB&E filed bankruptcy within days. Soon after this, Kiddie file to abandon all PA operations for the NYSW which ended on Feb. 16, 1941. This then ended the Susquehanna's day as a coal road.

The fantrip used Russian Decapods "Bolsheviks" for the fantrip. In the screens here I used Erie K2's.

Motive Power: Elvas Tower Consist: T-S Downloads Route: The Tristate Project

Leaving Jersey City on a beautiful June morning in 1938 onwards to the hills of PA.

Coming over the Overpeck Creek drawbridge in Ridgefield Park,NJ. The bridge to the left is the NYC's West Shore Line's moveable bridge. As a kid there was a great restaurant that overlooked these bridges on Bergen Turnpike. Ed Frickies (The Home of the Happy Lobster)

Hackensack River draw coming out of Bogota.

Passing by Coalberg's in Saddle Brook, NJ. This was long gone in the days when I started railfanning the NYSW back in the mid-1970's. Part of this complex is where Arrow Stapler is today.

Standing on the Erie's Bergen County RR looking down at Passaic Jct. The tracks swinging off to the left are the interchange tracks that connect to the Erie here. A single track has handled this duty since the late 1950's.

Standing on the NYSW's Passaic Branch which goes down through East Paterson (Now Elmwood Park) & Garfield into Passaic, NJ. This branch served several Woolen & Textile mills (Forstmann, Botany, Samuel Hirds, etc) & The Whippany Paper Board. It also connected to the Erie's Dundee Branch near Monroe Street in Passaic. Service into Passaic ended in 1967 when Black's Bridge burned over the Passaic River. It served Garden State Paper in Garfield for years up to 2001 after the Enron debacle. The line is mostly exempt now. I grew up 1/2 block for this branch in Garfield & spent a lot of time on it.

Crossing the Passaic River at East Paterson heading into Paterson.

Hawthrone now by Wagaraw Road.