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Thread: Car-Spawner Not Showing Up in Game

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    Default Car-Spawner Not Showing Up in Game

    Hello again. I am having an issue with the Car Spawner. Just for reference it is in PRB Route, and I am using OR.

    I re-did one of the Car-Spawners because the vehicles were going the wrong way. I deleted the Original and then I replaced it with the vehicles going the correct direction. All is well while still using TSRE5, but when I go back, after an Activity Save, to the In-Game view, no vehicles show up. I saved at the end of my modification, I also went back in to see of I missed something, but there is no other save or anything similar within the Car-Spawner drop downs. Lots of traffic while retracing the Spawner route along the roadway and when I saved before exiting.

    Goku, or anyone else have a similar experience? or Ideas? Thanks.

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    An activity save? What's that? I placed a ton of carspawners for a route and maybe only one has disappeared. I probably messed up on it anyway

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    One reason for this is that the end of the carspawner is too close to the end of the road sections. If a shape doesn't have enough road to spawn on, it stops spawning.

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    Maybe the Steam 4 Me tutorial might help you Don?
    - Mark -

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    To add: May also happen if your installation is in any of the Windows protected folders. Any of the \Program Files\ folders can give you problems like this.

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    I've looked around and cant find anything on this....but, I can see the carspawners in the TSRES route editor.....but not in OR route. Only the ones that were made in MSTS route editor before I started using the new one. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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