Here's a little railroading on our Waycross route I thought I'd share. Its based loosely on a few real life experiences.

So the Fitzgerald sub is big time single main railroading. Even at just about maximum capacity you could get some really good trips. With that being said, even with a good trip you could wind up cooling your heels for a while at Bolen, the last siding before Waycross. About 14 miles of the Fitzgerald sub is included in the Waycross route.

Its a hard pill to swallow being so close to the motel, but here we are, in the hole at Bolen. We're on the Q647 (Chicago to Waycross) and so far we've met two north bounds departing Rice yard, and the third and final meet, Q214, blows past us at track speed.

Finally on the go!! Medium clear, out the siding at Bolen. Even though we have a medium indication, the siding is only good for 25mph.

Clear by Haywood and time to start thinking about calling Rice yard A tower for our yarding instructions. Since radio reception is a little spotty here we'll wait till we're a bit closer.

Its late evening and you could cut the stagnant, muggy air with a knife. We're crossing Crawley road and finally making line speed. In a bit we'll contact A tower. "647 with 60 loads, 11 empties and 4'700 feet" all we get in return is "come on to Waycross." I guess they're still sorting out what they are going to do with us in the yard.

To be continued!!