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Thread: Hershey Electric (Cuba)

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    Default Hershey Electric (Cuba)

    Surprised this has not put in an appearance in any of the sims, yet. Well lurking over at N3V appears there was an attempt to build a Trainz version about 5 years ago but seems to have fizzled into vapourware.

    Checking Open Street map the eastern section has been shown as closed. This is a bit of overkill on behalf of the uncontrolled editorial contributor, as in fact the service is suspended due to track and trolley wire cable hurricane damage - but not abandoned.

    Cuba is one of those countries most of us will only ever visit from our arm (or computer) chair due to the risk of culture shock, but this would be a fascinating line to reproduce for virtual travel. Not quite sure how one would simulate "manana", though.

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    Vern, I had never heard of "OpenStreetMap"....thanks for enlightening me.

    Maybe the new TS2019 will encourage me to get back into creativity (if the graphics are considerably improved over all previous editions), in which case this little route would be fun to play around with.
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    There is an open railway map offshoot!

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