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Thread: Indian Rail v2 white terrain

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    Default Indian Rail v2 white terrain

    Hi all, I'm new in open rails community. I recently installed Indian Rail v2 by Arnab Sinha in MSTS with all the required stocks. However, in some part of the route as you might know there is blank terrain. I know that he(Arnab) explained what the bug is and it can't be fixed by himself( the 2×2 tile bug). But, I want to know how to fix this as there is no recent update for OR. I watched many youtube videos of this route but they are running without problem most of the route. So, is there anything I can do other than reinstalling the route (already tried).
    I tried :--
    -- Reinstalling the route.
    -- Reintalling all the patches.
    Please help.

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    Open the route in TSRE5 and rebuilt the tiles manually.
    Those youtube videos users had done this trick.

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