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Thread: Scenes from JR's Monongahela & Western Pennsylvania Route...1920x1080 Resolution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamcatcher1962 View Post
    Stating the obvious as usual . If I decide to start any future threads , stay away, Please !!
    Get over yourself. This is a Forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lateagain View Post
    .....well you've sparked a lot of interest with these excellent shots. Don't forget there's no reason (apart from time and money) that you cannot enjoy any train simulator? It's not about which is best. It's about examining strengths and weaknesses as a way forward ....hopefully?
    I agree with those sentiments. I admit to being hooked on Run8 for the last few months but I miss one thing it doesn't have at this point in time, variety, so I have fired up TANE and have been enjoying hauling coal on Jointed Rail's Coal Country using K&L Trains Pennsy steam.

    I have looked at getting the Monongahela & Western Pennsylvania because it looks like a great route but the fact that it is permanently stuck in winter kind of turns me off. Maybe it's because I'm an Aussie and even though we are in the middle of winter the temperatures are the same as what the British are referring to as a summer heat wave.

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