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    Default TSRE5 Help

    We have been working with the new RE and like the software.
    We are stuck with laying tracks (confused).
    In the old RE to make the track go UP-DOWN you must adjusted the terrain
    to make the terrain fit the track.
    How is this done TSRE5 editor and what keys are used??
    Maybe this is a dummy question,we have run test still don't get the right answer.
    Is there a full instruction for the RE ?
    Please anybody help ,we like the program!

    In the old RE we never exceed the high ed adjustment .1050!

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    If you want to adjust trerrain to track, use F key.
    It works also with other objects, not only tracks.

    Simple Guide is here
    But it is outdated .. there are a lot of new functions and features.

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    Goku mentioned the F key, though you can get unpredictable results with it. For finer adjustments to track elevation, I like selecting the track piece, then using the mouse wheel to raise or lower it in 0.01m increments. For more controlled adjustments of terrain, I use the HeightMap tool in the Terrain tools section. Change the Size and Intensity to 1 and use the Z key to switch between raising and lowering terrain.

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    While there are many hints & tricks that have been mentioned and in many cases written up, I am a visual person, and would really like it if there were comprehensive instructions out there for this apparently excellent editor, but I am still using RE for most of my efforts simply because most of its good (and terrible) features are documented and I have printed them out and keep them in a 3-ring binder.

    Regardless, GoKu, if I learn to do nothing more than align objects with it, it is still an immensely appreciated addition to the knowledge base of MSTS.

    J. H. Sullivan
    (aka landnrailroader)

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