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    It has come to my attention, as I have posted elsewhere, that a group called Hmmsim 2 Routes on the Russian website VK are infringing the copyright of developers. This affects both OpenBVE and Microsoft Train Simulator developers. MSTS trains have been leaked and converted to the mobile app Hmmsim without the permission of the original developers. My suggestion is that an informal cease and desist order should be given to those who refuse to respect the copyright of the content creators of these two great communites. If possible, the group being shut down would be the best course of action. This group appears to harken back to the short-lived BVEUnderground group, for those who remember (although there is no relation).

    Dexter Montague
    Co-Founder of BVETube

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    Are the Ruskies taking free route, converting them, then selling them or just giving free routes away for free?

    Paul :-)

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    Wasn't aware there was a converter for MSTS routes, there is certainly a legit one for BVE routes though.

    Obviously if there *is* a converter that allows MSTS routes to be converted, then so long as people keep these to themselves and don't upload there is little issue - could argue it is extending the life of MSTS onto another platform.

    Ironically, though, since their last update the host-sim (Hmmsim2) no longer works on my Android tablet so I can't run it full stop. Despite being a paid product the author has ignored comments and feedback.

    In any event if the piracy is occurring in Russia and is hosted on a Russian domain/website, just as with all those cheap MP3 sites, probably little in practice that can be done - they'll laugh at a cease and desist notice, threatening to set Trump on them might be just as effective. The biggest deterrent to such sites is they are probably full of malware and clickbait stuff so anyone visiting and certainly downloading is likely to end up with more than they bargained for, up to and including a nice Bitcoin ransom note. Ergo, it will probably police itself in due course.

    I long since resigned myself that if you put anything out freeware in the public domain, don't pretend to have any control over where it ends up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernWarrior View Post
    .....I long since resigned myself that if you put anything out freeware in the public domain, don't pretend to have any control over where it ends up...
    Ain't THAT the truth, Vern?!!!
    Not only where it ends up, but also who takes the credit for its creation.
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