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Thread: New Computer Open Rails Missing Scenery

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    Default New Computer Open Rails Missing Scenery

    Hello, I am still in testing mode with the new computer and video card. I have run on DAR 2.0 and Mactier with no issues, two activities on each.

    Now today I am running NEC 4 and ran into this issue of no scenery. Well over 100fps! but the main scenery disappears. I upgraded to X4159 thinking it may improve but no go. Running into the same situation with Surfliner.

    I have included a copy of the OR Log to decipher, I see an issue with some "Tiles", could this be the problem? or at least part of it? Should I opt for a "Stable version of OR" rather than the Experimental that I am using?

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

    NEC 4 July 2018.jpg
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    You have tiles missing or corrupt in nec4.

    I suggest a reinstall to see if those tile errors go away

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