Good to know, thanks Goku! And many thanks again for the wonderful editor, I can't praise it enough.

I suspect my route will be OR only, though. MSTS doesn't want to run on my machine, so I won't be able to test it in MSTS, and I'm having too much fun with OR's extended abilities. I've started playing with the F4 activity editor tools, and I'm loving some of the things I can do. Any idea when you might have the path editor working? I find the PE in the OR track viewer to be a bit twitchy: I can make the paths I want, but it takes quite a while; I imagine your PE will be just as good as the rest of the package! (The 3D vs. 2D thing doesn't concern me at all, either. Moving nodes along a track (or road) is already done in 3D for signals, to set up carspawners, etc., so I don't see the difficulty some people seem to have with pathing in 3D.)