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Thread: Article: Raton Pass Released For TS2018

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    Default Article: Raton Pass Released For TS2018

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    Well, the route needs work. My opinion on that. I have started to replace the track with 3DTrains Santa Fe track for starters. And it looks much better than the canned DTG track. Typical of the guy who laid the track with his other routes, there are spots where track is in mid air and has very bad grade transitions. 0.3 to 1.6% in under 30 meters?? Near Hebron at the South end has a really bad grade. All over the place. Took me around an hour to get it fixed.

    There are roads just floating in mid air that need to be fixed as well. I am also replacing the rail crossing signals with SMM Digital models. And all of this is on the South end of the route. I have not looked at what's to the North yet.

    I am sorry to give a thumbs down about the track work, but again, this is common with the track work on other routes that the individual has done. If this type of work was done on a model railroad, one would have all sorts of problems with derailments and the other typical gremlins associated with poor track work on a model railroad.

    Aside from that, it's worth buying. Some like myself will choose to edit the route.

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    can I put TS on two different computers of mine?

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    Yes. No problem having Steam on two computers but you will only be able to access one at a time.


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    For me all three engines that come with the route lack any diesel engine noise apart from a default background rumble. Not only from inside also outside. No noise at all. To be sure I deleted the railworks installation and re-downloaded it to have a fresh vanilla installation. Still no noise. Does nobody test things anymore before releasing?

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