Hi folks,

Just noticed that my route seems to have sunk by about 2-4 ft. since the last update. My assets are now mostly floating in the air, including track work. I started trying to bring everything either back to Earth, or in the case of tracks, to bring the Earth back up to the tracks, but after some laborious work this just seems like too much work on a very large route, for something that I never asked for. This route was started in 2012, and has been added to ever since. Never had this type of problem before, though I have seen trackwork drift up or down a few inches after updates in the past, and I know that others had the same issue over the years.

Does anyone have any info on how to resolve this issue? I know that I can change the altitude of the route somewhere in the files, and the same for trackwork, but its been so long since I swam through the files that I really don't remember where everything is anymore. Any assistance will be appreciated.