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Thread: Random Run 8 shots from all routes

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    Quote Originally Posted by alvinkathage View Post
    Which route is this on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by westerngy View Post
    How's that Geoff
    Yep that's better.

    Seems like your fellow Run8 users are less keen on contributing screenshots though .

    There are loads of videos on YouTube of Run 8 trains ....recorded at night, in the dark..... ?!?!?! I know that Run 8 users like the "realism" ...and that the reality is that trains run some of their trip at night, BUT, and its a very BIG BUT, there's a reason that folk take pictures and videos during the day ....when some of the best Railroad photographers have actually proved beyond reasonable doubt trains also run!

    Eye Candy might not be Run8's main objective but those of us interested in Train Simulators like to see what ALL software has to offer.
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    There is plenty of videos and pictures both in the daylight and night. People don't purposely take photos or videos at night to tick off potential new buyers. Since Run8 doesn't get as much exposure as the eye candy sims. That also includes the popular youtubers out there who a few weeks ago quoted TSW for the console as being "the best train simulator ever". Meanwhile they youtube 100's of other games.

    As far as YouTube goes their changes this year requiring more than 1000 subscribers to even get ad revenue hasn't helped anyone wanting to contribute videos.

    As far as screenshots I know for a fact Run8depot (when I was permitted to view) had plenty of screenshots mostly in the daytime. Even the ones I see here mostly daytime.

    Perhaps not as many people here, or even bothering with Run8 at this time? Lately I see more comedic relief posts than any serious discussion about Run8. But I'm sure they are not purposely trying to annoy me or anyone else either.



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    Wanted to share some screenshots of when I got Run 8:

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    I ran CSX Q177-13 on my older PC i7 4790K, GTX980, with some mild framerate drops. I REALLY wish Run8 included articulated well and spine cars as well as military equipment loads. Still, I recommend this game. After a few months, I have templates that give me the ability to either run locals (printing is helpful), or, as in this case, conduct a long haul.

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