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Thread: Train Sim 2018 route creation manual?

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    Question Train Sim 2018 route creation manual?

    Try as I may I can't find a manual for building new routes in T.S. 2018. Can someone tell me where I can find one,please? I'm having fits and starts with laying double tracks and assigning track speed limits. 2015 was so much easier to work with. I almost wish I could downgrade.

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    DTG to the best of my knowledge have published very little regarding the route editor and recent changes made in the last few years. In fact I'm fairly certain the company went on record at one point as saying producing documentation for content creators was not seen as effective use of staff time.

    Having recently spent a bit of time dabbling in the editor, the basic tracklaying process has not changed unless using easements and superelevation nor has the method of defining how many parallel tracks you place.

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    This might help you in the right direction: (from a posting at, these seem to be official documents)
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