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Thread: Version 1.30 Timetable editor

  1. Default Version 1.30 Timetable editor

    Finally got the timetable editor ready!

    The editor is opened from the "New" or "Edit" buttons at the top of the service selection screen. To do stuff in the editor, just click on things or empty space with the right-hand mouse button. I'll be posting a quick guide soon.

    I also revised the existing timetables for this update: the running and starting times are now more relaxed for some services that previously were impossible to finish on time. You still may need to try a particular service multiple times to get favourable traffic conditions from the random number generator.

    There's a new experimental shiftwork timetable for the demo route as well. (The "Failed buffet" service is intended to be rescued instead of driven normally.)

    More changes:

    • Added: sky reflections
    • Added: haze
    • Added: separate interior/exterior field-of-view settings
    • Improved: reflections in exterior views to have colours
    • Improved: buffer models
    • Improved: track textures and terrain textures near the tracks
    • Improved: lighting
    • Increased: maximum LOD bias setting
    • Increased: maximum zoom
    • Fixed: exhaust smoke drawing distance
    • Fixed: exhaust smoke animation to adjust itself to time acceleration
    • Fixed: Class 117 cab objects floating in the air
    • Fixed: platform surface and canopy textures to no longer shake at some stations

    • Added: option for restarting the run
    • Added: pausing without menu for getting good screenshots
    • Changed: selecting random service to have 10% of rescue scenario instead of normal
    • Fixed: HUD speed to show negative values the same way as target speed does
    • Fixed: target speed acceleration to more closely match realistic performance in the evaluation graph
    • Fixed: target speed being stuck at zero when a stop signal clears if you're stopped too close to the signal
    • Fixed: service start preparation time (sim now starts 1 minute before departure)
    • Fixed: a rare bug in rescue scenarios where you're instructed to reverse direction in the wrong place
    • Fixed: curve superelevation which was accidentally broken in the previous update

    I'm focusing on the route editor for the next update.

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    Just arrived home and read the news letter. New version downloaded, many thanks Oskari.

    Really looking forward to the addition of the route editor.

    Yma O Hyd

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    Here's a quick start guide for the timetable editor

    • Click the "New" button at the top of the service selection screen to start the editor with a new empty timetable.
    • Right-click an empty spot on the map and edit the timetable properties to give it a name and set the date.
    • Right-click a station (a yellow circle is highlighted) somewhere on the map and add a template. Define the stopping places (=orders) by clicking on stations on the map. Add the last station twice to confirm the path.
    • Right-click an empty spot again to edit the template's properties. Change the properties to your liking.
    • Add at least one vehicle to the template from the "List ServiceVehicles" button in the properties. Use one of the train sets instead of single cars if you're not sure which one to use.
    • Add some services to the template via the "List Services" button. An easier way to add a large number of services is to use the "Create batch" or "Create advanced pattern" options which are accessed by right-clicking an empty map spot.
    • Right-click an empty map spot again and test run one of the services to see if the signaller can find a path for it. If the path can't be found, make sure you've added an order for each of the stations along the way: trying to skip them doesn't work (but you can make them non-stop). If the path involves reversing direction, specifically instruct the signaller to do this by changing the appropriate setting in the properties of the last order before the reverse.
    • When the test run has finished use the "Reset running times" option to make sure the trains have sensible passing times at each station.
    • Save the timetable and try running it in the simulator.

    In order to get the trains to stop at stations, you'll also need adjust the dwell times for the template orders, but it's not necessary to get the first services running.

    Remember to make backups of your timetable file if you're going to spend a long time working on it!

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    A bit of a déjà vu but if anyone is having problems with the train window glasses disappearing or becoming dark, please try disabling the sky reflections from the graphics settings!

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    Many thanks for the timetable editor instructions, Oskari.

    Yma O Hyd

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