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Thread: MARC Activities For The NEC v4.0 Screenshots

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    Default MARC Activities For The NEC v4.0 Screenshots

    A few weeks back my son Matt got me the MARC MLV coaches & cabcar sets from Tiger Trains (He know I am a commuter man from commuter country ). I figured I adapt a few quick activities for them, nothing really special except for traffic when coming out and into DC's Union Station. The first one Train #1125 is from DC's Union Station to the MARC Camden Yards station in Baltimore, MD & #1135 is the return trip. The both take the CSX's Capital Subdivision.

    I uploaded them a few minutes ago to the download library here. Like I said they are just straight forward, simple. They aren't based on any real-time MARC schedule. Just a fun way to kill an hour of spare time. They is a full breakdown on what is payware & freeware on the readme file that is enclosed.

    So for those interested, they should be in the library in a day or two. Here are a few screens of the acts. First would be Train #1125 from DC to Balt. starting out around 5:45AM.

    And some of Train #1135 Baltimore to DC leaving around 5:20PM

    - Mark -

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    I am not a big fan of passenger railroads, but these shots are really nice! Keep them coming.

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