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Thread: TSRE Text Size on palletts

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    Default TSRE Text Size on palletts


    At 79-2/3 I could use a little less eye strain. Is there any way to increase
    the text size ONLY in the TSRE program, especially in those really fine
    print areas on the side panels.

    Looks like I may have to use TSRE to finish putting siding names in the
    Tacoma yard area of my almost finished route and I figured out how to
    do that, but the teeny text is painful - as in head ache.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    I second this! I'm only 53, but my eyes were never that good to begin with. '1' and 'l' are well-nigh indistinguishable from each other.


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    I have not found or looked for a text size setting.

    The background of the text can be changed in the settings.txt file in the TSRE main folder.
    Specifically this line systemTheme = true will show (on my system) as a white background.

    There could be an explanation of the valid parameters for this particular setting but I have not researched this at all.

    Placing a pound sign, ' # ' in front of the SystemTheme . . . line gives the default black background

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    I found that I had a worse problem in that there had been a failure to save some of the
    items on the world file. Evidently, at least in my MCOA2 there is a limit of 1860
    items on a world file, because any attempt to add more results in a failure to properly
    save. I had to back up to yesterday's first backup and redo from there. Thus, the
    route when released, will not have all of the identifiers for tracks in the Tacoma yard
    area and no switch stands. Hopefully, somebody else can take the bull by the horns,
    without being gored, and add more, but I am going to stay out of that tile and add
    identifiers to items on other tiles.

    Moe Smith is doing a set (large set) of maps for this route as I finish it up and I
    hope that those will be essentially done, so they can be added in a documents folder
    of the route. I also intend to include a zip file of M-tracks (a copy of the one in the
    library) so that nobody can complain about that. Moe's maps will have all of the
    available identifiers marked on them.


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    TSRE has no world tile object limit.

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