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Thread: New Route, Milwaukee Road, Coast Division, 2nd Sub.

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    Red face New Route, Milwaukee Road, Coast Division, 2nd Sub.

    Name of Route: MCOA2 (Milwaukee Road, Coast Division, 2nd Sub.)

    Version and Release Date: Version 1, Late Sept., early Oct. 2018

    Description: Route includes Milwaukee Road and NP mainlines from
    Cle Elum, WA to Seattle & Tacoma, WA along with older
    historic routes at Snoqualmie and Stampede Pass and
    the original Weston Loop NP route, used prior to
    1913. This release completes the entire electrified
    lines of the Milwaukee Road, Pacific Extension, plus
    the non-electrified "Gap". A total of approximately
    880 miles of railroad.

    Installation Method: Spanned zip files. Created with WinZip 14.5, a rather
    old version, published in 2010.

    Size of Download: 792 Mbytes including "raw" files"

    Size of Installed Route: 1.3 Gbytes including "raw files"
    Note: All raw files, buffers, etc. will be removed before
    final zip is produced, so final zip will be smaller.

    Prototypical Operations; Mainline, Branch, Switching: A high number
    of industrial leads and spurs exist in the Seattle
    & Tacoma areas. Several yards as well. The only
    complete branch is the NP Roslyn Branch, but a better
    version of that is found in the MCOA1 route. Two
    mainlines, Milwaukee Rd. & NP.

    Freight or Passenger: Both, prior to 1961 on the Milwaukee Road and
    1971 on the NP, and 1979 by Amtrak on the NP route from
    Seattle to Auburn and East.

    Era or Genre: Overlapping Era's are included: NP 1880 to present BNSF operation
    including original switchbacks over Stampede Pass, used for 1
    year, Weston Loop NP line used until 1913. Milwaukee Road
    high line at Snoqualmie Pass, used from 1909 to about 1918. More
    modern areas & signals are seen between Seattle & Tacoma.

    Location: Northwest United States, Washington State,

    Length of Mainline: Milwaukee Road - 116 Miles (Including areas of trackage rights)
    Northern Pacific - 143 Miles

    Length of Branches: Only one true branch, and it is better worked using the
    earlier MCOA1 route, but parts of others are included in this
    route, less than 20 miles or so. The switchback line at
    Stampede Pass is about 5 miles in length, and the Milwaukee
    Road high line is about 10 miles in length. Use the switchback
    line at Stampede at your peril.

    Number of Branches: 1 full branch, a few other "stubs".

    Number of Sidings: 31

    Number of industrial sidings & spurs: More than 150, mostly between Seattle &

    Number of Yards: Too many to list, but yards are located:
    Milwaukee Road, Cle Elum, Renton, Seattle, Tacoma
    NP, Cle Elum, Kanaskat, Auburn, Tacoma
    Note: The yards in the Tacoma area are very complex and
    represent a general idea of what was present until
    1980, but also include some TOFC and Container Port
    facilities that came later. There is also a wye
    provided that leads to a very large TOFC and Automotive
    yard, (not included) that was built in the 1990s. The
    UP yard near Tacoma Jct. was also built in the 1990s.
    Informational signs are provided beside the tracks to
    inform users of which era would legitimately include the
    track beyond the sign. Because these are so dense, the
    Tile reached it's limit for MSTS/RE and so many tracks
    are not identified.

    Mixture of Dual and Single Track: Milwaukee Road & NP are mostly single track
    with sidings east of Renton & Auburn. Milwaukee Road,
    (now UP) is mostly single track with sidings between
    Seattle & Tacoma. NP is double track between Seattle
    and Tacoma.

    Level of Trackside Detail: Highly detailed, recommend using ORTS, although
    the route has been tested successfully with MSTS using a mem:2048
    memory switch on a quad processor system with 8G of memory and a
    ATI vdeo card, Creative Labs audio card. See comment about signal
    issues under "Known Problems".

    Signals used: The Milwaukee Road was an automatic block system east of
    Black River Jct. and operated on joint trackage with the
    UP between Black River Jct. & Tacoma Jct. Between those
    points, basic CTC is used. The NP uses basic CTC on all
    routes although in later years, some has been removed or

    Percentage of Scenery Completed: 100%

    FPS Specs, with qualifiers: System is a Intel Quad-4 with 8G memory, ATI Radeon
    with onboard memory, Creative Labs sound.
    MSTS with all detail sliders to max: 16 FPS with no
    ORTS, same slider settings, 45 FPS

    Activities Provided: None

    Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: None

    Add-In Track Sets: Xtracks, Newroads, Mtracks

    Xtracks Required, yes , Version: Latest version

    Mtracks Required, yes , Version: There is only one version

    Newroads Required, yes , Version: Latest version

    Tsection.dat Build: 45_beta, later versions should be good.

    Payware or Freeware: Freeware, most objects are available in the Trainsim or
    ElvasTower libraries. My own custom bridges can be
    used on other routes if footnoted. All of the railroad
    bridges and the road truss bridges in Tacoma are my
    creation, & yes apparently highways are transparent
    when seen from below. The bridges utilize bridge kits
    provided a decade or more ago by Ron Picardi for TSM.

    URL for More Information and Screenshots: None

    Known Problems: Other than a few bumps here and there, this has to be
    considered a ORTS only route. There are several signal
    issues between Seattle & Tacoma which cause undesirable
    "stops" if run on MSTS. MSTS can, however, be used east
    of Black River Jct. on the Milwaukee Road. Also, the
    author of the route (Jerry) is not yet proficient in the
    use of TSRE, and at least one tile is maxed out in objects
    in the Tacoma yards area, so many track names (siding
    identifiers) are missing. If anyone that is proficient wants
    to improve on this, you have my permission. Good Luck
    If successful, just issue a update listing me as the original

    Where it can be downloaded: library at

    Extra information: This route, especially the portion involving Tacoma
    and the considerable Tacoma yard/dock area could be used
    to start a new route, particularly one working south to
    or toward, the Portland, Oregon area. To that end, the
    author can provide on request, through "WeTransfer" a
    copy of the route that does not have any linked items.
    All another creator would need to do, is copy the tiles,
    and probably delete the electrification items before using
    it to start his own route. This copy will be larger than
    the issued route and not compressed, about 1.1G in size
    before unzipping. Since many have difficulty finding
    Mtracks, a zip file from the library is included. If
    you already have Mtracks, just delete this file.

    Designer's e-mail for more info: [email protected]

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    Hoorrraaayyy :d

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    Jerry, thanks for all you have put into this and for sharing it. It's going to be good, I know. And a part of the country that does deserve to be well presented.

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    My checkers are nit-picking the route now, so I hope for a release around October first,
    but I will hold to wait for Moe Smith to do his maps, so these can be included in a
    documents folder. I'll probably put the mtracks zip file there also. Without the maps,
    I suspect some of you might start entertaining harmful thoughts otherwise. I would
    point out that I did all the track on this route more than 8 years ago and then put it
    on the shelf until I continued to work west----. For that reason, it has more dynamic
    track than I allow these days.

    As information, the next route on my "bucket list" is the late Don Karch's narrow gauge
    route that includes the D&RG, South Park, and CM lines. I will complete the line
    from Parlin to Poncha jct. over Marshall Pass, and I will detail the Monarch Branch
    and the Calumet branch which either he, or Andre Ming laid the track for. I've also
    added 10 miles of the "Valley Line" that crossed Poncha Pass and extended to
    Alamosa, and the short Silver Lake branch that went to a ore processing plant near
    Shirley and I extended the main track east from Salida perhaps 5 miles. And
    then--------I have 9 other routes in various stages of fabrication, but
    the next two will be from points east, heavy with coal. Two of the routes on
    hold are of the MRS Logistica in Brazil which I did signal work for a few years back
    (Professionally) so I have very accurate data as to distances, curves, gradient,
    etc. These two total about 650Km, yes Kilometers.

    J. H. Sullivan

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    Can't wait.

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    Wish someone would do this for TS.

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    Looking very forward to it!

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    Hmm, another L&N enthusiast maybe. I'm landnrailroader. Anyway, wish if you must, but I looked at TS
    a long time ago. Not a bad simulator, and routes might be easier to do in it, but the physics just does not
    feel right to me. I have perhaps 20 hours experience running a steam locomotive, and perhaps 200 on
    diesels, during my years with the Southern RR so I have an idea of what should happen/when/how, etc.
    and MSTS for all it's miserable quirks is just a lot better feel. ORTS has duplicated this feel very well and
    then added some enhancements.

    J. H. Sullivan, P.E. retired

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    I always look forward to your work on here Jerry. This is the pièce de résistance, the final piece of the puzzle. And thank you so much in advance.
    - Mark -

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    Thank you so much for your years of effort in bringing the Milwaukee Road (west) to life!

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