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Thread: Win 10 1809 update - lost files

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    Default Win 10 1809 update - lost files

    Probably related to this feature 'misfiring'

    You may have the biggest system hard drive in your desktop, but you get treated like the smallest laptop with a hard drive so crammed full of junk that it can no longer accommodate MS O/S bloat

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    MS "paused" the rollout process for 1809 due to the file loss issue. See:

    The trade press reported yesterday that they've resumed rolling it out to Insiders after some fixes related to how it handles redirected "known" folders like Documents, Pictures, etc. Rollout to general users will resume some time later. If you have lost files, MS wants you to contact them for assistance; they might have ways to recover them.

    Comment: this isn't the first time with recent updates and upgrades (the semi-annual feature update, like 1809, is really an upgrade that replaces the operating system completely) that there have been problems. It seems that MS may be relying too much on unstructured testing (Insiders) rather than structured (internal testers), which results in failures when exposed to the real beta testers (real-world users). Not good. I've switched to Linux for general use on my olde laptop, which (Mint) seems to work well, but so far have not been able to get Wine working reliably; therefore no ORTS yet.

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