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Thread: MILW Coast 2nd sub route: Union Pacific in Tacoma

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    Default MILW Coast 2nd sub route: Union Pacific in Tacoma

    Hello to all,

    Currently working on an Activity Generator template for the route.

    One question about the UP connection siding at Tacoma Jct. Is this section of track an interchange track or this is a lead track to one of the unmarked yards North of Northern Pacific's West yard? (see first image)

    If so, I may use it as a starting point, even if the sidings are unmarked.

    UP connection in Tacoma Jct by Denis Gionet, sur Flickr

    The track seems to lead to the following area shown on the next image

    UP connection in Tacoma Jct-2 by Denis Gionet, sur Flickr

    Thanks for your help


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    I believe I answered you outside the forums. Actually that line is the UP main today,
    but in the old days, it was probably a connection. UP had arrived in Tacoma first
    from Portland around 1880, and then the NP secured rights over the line until
    Stampede Tunnel was opened around 1883. The Milwaukee Road had rights on the
    UP over part of their route between Tacoma & Seattle.

    Jerry Sullivan

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