Hi everyone,

been revisiting my 3d modelling and refamiliarizing myself with 3ds max as I have embarked on a project to model all custom assets for a new route I am building which is the core underground section of the Alicante TRAM network that runs under Alicante City Centre.

The route will just be 2 stations for now and the tunnels and track inbetween as there is a lot of assets to create (as all of them will be custom made by myself) and I will be fitting this in around work and I will need to go back out to Alicante to photograph the next phase of the line.

The route for the first stage will be the first 2 stops on the network for now (Luceros to Mercado)

Watch this space for updates on the route when I have new updates.

For now, enjoy some WIP pictures of Luceros station!