My friend is making a 1930s NYC Route for Train Simulator 2018 and he needs buildings. Now he could normally just convert them from being MSTS to being Railworks but he is afraid of getting in trouble. The route needs old style town houses, houses, and barns are all accepted. He only needs textures and is willing to have to rebuild the entire model himself. If you are willing to share the model as well, it must be in 3DC Format for easy convert in Crafter. He must also have the original texture files. Now I know what you might be thinking, "What is in it for me?" Well he is willing to let you convert one of his buildings that he made himself to MSTS, its a total of 107 polygons. The route is freeware and your name will be featured in the credits for the route, even for just one building! Me and him need help to make this happen. Thank You