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Thread: TSW: LIRR is now available for pre-order

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawmut View Post
    More to the point and this route's intended market, another non-diesel commuter route will hardly excite US train simmers. Just look at the vast bulk of the MSTS routes in the f/l here: mostly diesel (or, more rarely, steam) freight routes in the western portions of the country. Those routes not out west are also freight routes as well. The average American outside of the Northeast Corridor will never even see a passenger train, much less a commuter one. What they know is freight: diesels and stack trains. They don't have monikers like "BNSF Forever" for nothing.
    I think it's pretty obvious that DTG is just cranking out that which they know will work: electric engines on commuter routes. Look at how long it's taking them to upgrade the diesel physics to the GWR and CSX Heavy Haul diesels after they did WSR! A year later and my GEVO's on Sandpatch still feel like they are running on ice skates on a frozen pond!!
    I suppose you could say that after the Flight Sim World debacle they need cash flow as much as possible to keep the cash flow going, and so re-hashing what they've already done makes economic sense. But for me another electric commuter route just produces a "meh" ...
    Well, yes, I agree with you in a way David, but, I think Edwin was right with what he wrote on the other thread regarding the Editor that is coming into TSW soon, is DTG really serious in committing to the adept and established route and scenery builders that live on this forum and on the other website boards, plus, of course, those of us with strong PC's and high demands for operational Railroad realism, or, will they rather prefer the closed console gaming market, the kiddywinkies who just want to pay and play with short and exciting layouts that turn into repetitive and shallow 'racing and chasing' type of routes, a category which this LIRR route release must surely fall in to, the Germans have already had this with the Rapid Transit route add-on and if this is the type of path that DTG are going to follow in future, then, I doubt us serious trainsimmers are going to get too excited with many of the future route releases, we certainly won't see the likes of Sandpatch again, and I will need to cherry pick which route appeals to me as they get advertised, but, if I only see 1 route per year, or, every 15/18 months that is of any interest, then, I'm going to get bored very bloody quickly with the huge waits and the lack of wow factor, which is certainly no good for DTG sales revenues as many fellow trainsimmers will probably follow suit.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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