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    Talking Seattle Content & Co.

    Hello everyone! I've noticed a severe lack of Seattle/Washington content for Trainz. My goal here is to create a dedicated group of individuals who love the wonderful city of Seattle and the magnificent machines you can find around it. Throughout my years of playing Trainz, I've always had a dream to recreate the greater Seattle area and run the local trains in and around the route. I've endlessly looked for Seattle content and fortunately, there is! Albeit, a small amount, it's still some great work by the creators. Anyways, feel free to hop on this thread and join the conversation. Hopefully, this thread will get somewhere!

    Cheers, Sky
    Someone please make an Amtrak Cascades add-on.

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    Angry davesnow Sounder Content?

    Did davesnow ever release a BBL Sounder Cab Car? I could've sworn he did and it was on the DLS but there's no trace of it anywhere. Maybe I was tripping? IDK.
    Someone please make an Amtrak Cascades add-on.

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