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Thread: Who is looking forward to Run8 V3 - What are you looking for make or break?

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    See my response in the aforementioned thread. I'm not aware of any upper-limit on screen resolution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnsf4794 View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions guys. We're still trucking along with development. When we started programming this thing in 2009, we never thought we'd get it as far as it's come, and yet here we are taking it even further.

    -V3 indeed has (yes, present-tense) a more dynamic weather system.

    -I like the AI Humper idea, I'll add that to the to-do list for AI improvements

    -Regarding DS Screens, I do have an upgraded system in place. Keep in mind though that Run8 is and has always been primarily a multi-
    player platform, so I don't want to code a specific DS system since some guys may differ in how they want to use it.

    -For the Single-Players, there is an AI Dispatcher system in the works. It will also work in multi-player as well.

    -and more...

    And of course the big question, "when will it be ready?", and the answer is, "shortly after it's done."

    John G.
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    in the converse are you ever going to add a hump bowl feature with remote switches and player controlled retarder track brakes?

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