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Thread: Trainz UTC under Windows 10 64 Bit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTarana45 View Post
    We bought Trainz UTC from Office Depot for $10.00 and installed it on our XP Desktop Computer! I like it better than MSTS or OpenBVE.
    My laptop has Windows Vista 32 bit and runs great! Lots of software like newest OpenBVE is losing support for Vista!
    Yes, I'm afraid many computer game developers have kicked Vista into touch now, so to speak, Microsoft even stopped it's monthly security updates from 2017 for it as it is seen as an out of date OP, Windows 7 will be the next to lose its extended support in 2020.

    There is no problem in obtaining old versions, as such, however, there are a couple of things you need to be advised about. Ensure that any boxed DVD game is securely wrapped in cellophane when you buy it from anywhere, each game has a unique code that you have to enter to register it, if someone has already done this on their computer, then, you can't use the same code on your computer, you are allowed to download and install into your game additional content developed by the global community, to get onto this Download Station (DLS) you have to have your game registered first, if the code doesn't work you can't gain access onto the DLS.
    After UTC there have been several other versions released for sale, Trainz Simulator 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, Trainz: A New Era (TANE) and the newest version Trainz 2019. All of these games you have to register the DVD, as from 2006 onwards, Auran had to supply what they called service patches to get rid of bugs and errors in each version to enable the customer/end-user to get the most out of each game version, you don't pay for these patches, but, you would need to patch each DVD online through the internet from the Auran - now called N3V, website, which isn't difficult it's just time consuming.
    Now, as I said above, Windows Vista lost its Microsoft technical support after 2012, but, looking at all the boxed DVDs I have personally at home of all these game versions, you need Vista 64-bit as one of the accepted OPs from 2010 onwards, so, you can forget the newer versions really, they won't work on your PC, so, not worth spending any money on obtaining them.
    There weren't any service patches for UTC, or, Trainz Simulator 2004 Passenger Edition, so, you should get away with using both of those on your Windows Vista 32-bit PC, if you wanted to upgrade in the future, which is recommended, you should even be OK with TRS2006 and 2009 to work as well, as they both list Vista on the box, however, they both need patching up before you can play with them safely, it was 2010 onwards that it states Vista 64-bit on the box, and of course the newer versions require higher computer specs for CPU and graphics cards.

    Cheerz. Steve.
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    Thanks Steve! That's very helpful, and a paints a complete picture on the situation!

    Christopher Tarana

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