For those of you who purchased the Ruhr-Sieg-Nord-Route, the German Railsimmers have made freely available a small pack of scenery enhancements, to be found on their website here -

A basic interpretation of the Read Me information, is as thus :

The upgrade includes the following:

- Color of the houses freshened up and the gray haze free
- Information boards and posters replaced at the platform
- Display on the ticket machine added
- Snack machine with inscription and billboards added
- Icons added to the lift
- Inscription "Halt für Rangierfahrten" added
- Vorsignalbaken with indicated reflector strip
- Construction site barriers changed from blue to white

Further additions may follow.

What I unfortunately wanted to do and (so far) did not work are things like another font for speed and hectometertafeln.
Also, it is not possible to add a texture for the station ads because DTG has partially mirrored the ads.

Cheerz. Steve.