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    Hi All,
    I am wondering where the Object Placer in the Router Editor gets it's information for track that is shown there? I am playing with an old route I made and don't like scrolling thru all of the track sections, some I will not use. So I deleted all track with concrete and tunnel listings in the Global/Shapes folder. However these deleted track sections still show up in the Route Editor track sections listing.

    Any idea how this works? I thought all track sections were only in the Global/Shapes folder.

    Thanks for any help offered.

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    It's referenced in the global tsection.dat file. I advise highly against messing with it, especially if you intend to release whatever route you're working on.

    If your computer can handle it, it's worth trying out TSRE as track sections are separated by prefix, and only shapes in the global folder are shown (I think)

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    If you are using MSTS RE, I believe it gets the Object Placer information for track from the tsection listings. I've modified my version of the tsection of the scalerail listings - so only the wood versions show.
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    Thanks for the info. I was not sure how this worked. I do know that TSRE gets the track info from the Global/Shapes folder. This was learned through trial & error method.

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