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Thread: Questions on applying turf to model layout

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    Default Questions on applying turf to model layout

    Hello all,

    I am attempting to "grow" grass on my layout, and my efforts have been less than successful. My entire layout is on a sheet of homasote. I have tried painting an area of homasote with an earth-colored enamel paint, coating it with Woodland Scenics blended turf, and spraying it liberally with scenic cement. Most of it is not adhering to the layout, and it is clumping up in places after being sprayed. Most of it can be sucked up with a vacuum days after being applied. Could anybody give me any advice on how to improve this?

    Thank you.

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    I think you are applying it the wrong way round. Let the paint dry, apply the adhesive, then the turf.
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    That’s my recollection as well. You want the turf to embed itself into the cement...

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