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Thread: Reusing OpenRails physics code for model railways use

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markstaffrld View Post
    Chris I’ve been told that replicating model railway track is not able to be duplicated exactly and because of the discrepancies it could lead to application crashes.

    Does the two descriptions of both the real and virtual have to be precisely the same? If it is can it be achieved?
    Getting curves of the correct radius is not an issue as you can specify the radius and angle in Open Rails. Switches/Pointwork would take longer as these are comparable to modellers set track and new ones would have to be created with a tighter radius.

    However this is side issue in order to give you proper gradients. The main issue is to get acceleration and braking acceptable on a model.

    Quote Originally Posted by Markstaffrld View Post
    Going the other way and distilling the physics code out of train.cs have you a view on how big that code would most likely be?
    I’m trying to work out if our protothrottles have enough ram to be able to process the physics basic algorithms on board. Ball park?
    Some of our users are looking at 100 trains simultaneously, but here we have only one. A few kB I would guess.


    I've enjoyed exploring what's possible here and your ProtoThrottle looks very good to me. However I've got lots of coding commitments already, so unless you have a friendly coder on tap I can't see this going anywhere.
    Chris Jakeman

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    Chris I want to Thankyou so much for your guidance, without your input I wouldn’t understand that the idea I had is (with the right people onboard) was viable.

    That pleases me no end. But no volunteers have come forward and I have been getting a bit of trolling by nesayers on the subject and I feel somewhat worn down.

    I’m going to concentrate on building the ProtoThrottle hardware first and hope that along the way the hardware will inspire a coder to join me and try an option or two then.

    But Chris I do what you to know I really appreciate your helping me and I know that your way busy and have little time. I know the feeling.


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