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Thread: Creating Narrow embarkement with TSRE

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    Default Creating Narrow embarkement with TSRE

    HI To ALL

    Is it possible to create a narrow embarkement with TRSE, I tried reducing the width of embarkement by changing the parameter of SIZE to 1 in the Terrain options but nothing happened the terrain is not attached to the track

    IF I use SIZE as 2 in Terrain the embarkement is very width expanding the embarkement over areas were I need to maintain flat...

    I am trying to have something like the picture... a embarkement high 32 ft width 82 ft


    I will appreciate any suggestion...
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    I'm no expert - but - I think you would better served by a berm system that fits under the track... I know the Tristate route project has most of their track on berms and Rick's Monon uses a bunch as well... I don't know if there are any publically available berm systems though... In all my years - I've never seen the terrain mesh conform to the shape in your illustration...


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    Norbert Rieger did a system of berms available in the FL here. I've made a set for my routes as well, but I have yet to release it. Maybe I should one of these days

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    Well that's just how TSRE embankments work at the moment. Your best option is to use embankment objects placed under your tracks. I would suggest using db tracks nr embankment set available here

    Each piece matches xtracks and default track pieces profile, so placing them with TSRE is very simple. You just have to copy the position & rotation of the trackpiece, place the corresponding embankment shape, and paste the position & rotation of the trackpiece on the shape

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    Berms are your best bet. I have a set available for a $10 donation on which are made to go under Scalerail, but could go under a lot of other track systems as well.

    I'd also recommend using WorldFileHacker (also available on that website) to auto-place the berms. It will work with my berms or Norbert's, and I can assist with creating the crossreference file needed to associate individual berms to track sections.

    Disclaimer: 100% of all sales on go towards preservation and operations at places like the Illinois Railway Museum.

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    Many thanks for your recomendations, definetivelly I will be getting the Berms for my route!

    Thanks again

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