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Thread: New BLWZT set: CNJ 1970's Southern Division with SD35's (and more)

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    Default New BLWZT set: CNJ 1970's Southern Division with SD35's (and more)

    I've been remiss at showing off what I've been working on. Time to fix that . . .

    I got inspired by Mark's activities for the Jersey Coast and at his request have been working on a pack set in the 1972-76 era when CNJ sent its fairly new SD35's in that direction. This will be suitable for the Steve's Blue Comet route, or perhaps the PRR route. Tristate rails as well (just a few years earlier). It will be heavy with hopper and covered hoppers for sand, but the rest of the set will be a period representation of the time with cars mostly from northeast railroads.

    My original goal was this was going to be a "lighter" cheaper set to show off Max's painting of the CNJ SD35's. But as I got into it, and with Mark's advice, I have found myself making quite a number of cars. The roster of cars is designed to fill out the regular freight, JS-1 and it's counterpart that ran on the Southern Division, as well as the various locals ("drills").

    The B&O set is almost done as far as freight cars are concerned and needs a little more attention to locomotives. It will come.


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    Always eager for more CNJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trs666 View Post
    Always eager for more CNJ.

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    And now a batch of covered hoppers built in the late forties/early fifties by Bethlehem for CNJ. These cars had the old style square hatches and a smaller capacity which made them shorter in height, but had other design characteristics more like later Pullman PS2 cars. No cutouts. They lasted into the seventies.
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    CNJ leased all kinds of covered hoppers from various sources for the sand trade, including Genesee & Wyoming Ry, between 1973-76:
    (orange center flow covered hoppers showed up as well as covered hopper conversions of old offset hoppers).
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    Another Penn Central hopper photographed on the CNJ Southern Division:
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    Starting off with covered hoppers.

    By the 1970's covered hoppers were the largest car type on the through freight, JS-1, carrying sand from South Jersey.

    There were a fair bit of the Pullman built 2 bay PS-2 hoppers. I've made five:

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    I had to remember how to do the larger format . . .
    Thanks to those who taught me.

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    Another N&W car seen along the CNJ Southern Division:
    This one was used to load fish meal at various team tracks. Good thing open rails doesn't simulate smell.
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    I don't want to let Chris have ALL the fun. As part of this set, Chris asked me to do a few Alco RS3s that were common to the Southern Division in the 1970's... I thought this would be easy, but CNJ is more individualized than the New Haven, and that's saying something! The first three are 1545, 1549 and 1550, which required 3 different models....

    CNJ 1545 - First gen RS3, steam generator removed, unlike the other two was apparently never equipped with trainlighting equipment.

    CNJ 1549 - Third gen RS3, steam generator and trainlighting equipment (box on the walkway) still evident into the 70's.

    CNJ 1550 - Third gen RS3, steam generator and trainlighting equipment removed (note the notch in the radiator shutters where the box was).

    ...and I still have to do the green livery and the red livery!

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