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    A pair of New York Central GP35s lead an eastbound Flexi-Van train near Cleveland in these undated images. The NYC was a champion of the pioneering container system, and ran a number of Flexi-Van heavy and Flexi-Van only symbol freights throughout the 1960s.

    -- Activity inspired in part by content from: 'New York Central System Gone But Not Forgotten', by H.F. Cavanagh

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    Great shots, Tim. I remember spending an afternoon i the NYC West Springfield yard just watching them load and unload Flexi vans

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    Flexi-Van was an interesting technology that was very successful for New York Central. NYC made far far more money on their flexi-van operations than most railroads were doing with piggyback. I'm not sure how much of that was the technology or the concept of running solid express intermodal trains (which spread, of course) so that equipment utilization was high. Capital costs at terminals was low.

    If Penn Central hadn't been formed, I'm sure the flexi-van concept would have spread. SantaFe was ready to jump on board in a big way and others too.


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