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Thread: Creating a Consist on the Consist editor *.Con Files*

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    Question Creating a Consist on the Consist editor *.Con Files*

    i'm having trouble Creating a consist when i'm making a consist like Amtrak_57.con it will not show onto the file saved as a .con file and unable to located on file when i'm running onto windows 10 and it's been 7 years that i haven't us to play MSTS and most of the .Con files are from the SLI era back in 08 - 14.....
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    Do you have MSTS installed in the "programs 86" folder?
    Rhetorical question.
    You need to install everything trains related outside the programs or programs 86 folder.
    We still need a "Start Here" section.


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    Two suggestions:

    First check out open rails if you haven't already. It's miles better.

    Second, check out the beautiful consist editor Goku made: (to start the consist editor, double click ConsistEditor.bat)

    Both are free.

    It is possible to manually make consist files, but it is so easy to make an error that keeps them from opening. Much less frustrating and much more productive in so many ways to use a good consist editor.


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