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Thread: Trains don't stop at "end point" in activity?

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    Default Trains don't stop at "end point" in activity?

    I am having a problem with a train in an activity not stopping at the End Point. This is strange because when I run the activity in the VCR it works alright. I have made some short test activities just to get a path set up so I can start from different places. I have three routes, not default, and none of them work right as far as stopping at the end point setting.

    All else works fine so I don't know where to start looking to correct this problem. Does anyone know how the file is set up that controls an activity? May be something in the activity file that can be looked at or changed. I don't see anything that would indicate where the activity is supposed to end. Only thing I see is Name ( "default event" )

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    An activity in MSTS is a series of actions, activities or train movements. To "end" an activity, you must set the final action or trigger as the last step in successfully doing activity. If you set the activity triggers sequentially, then the final trigger will end the activity. Otherwise, you can keep driving forever.

    Open the Action Events window and select NEW. This opens another window: Action Event Properties window. From there you can select from a lot of different actions to be accomplished. In that same window is how you set up the linkage between events. A good tutorial is available at:

    And below is a visual of the windows in the AE
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    Hey, Thanks a lot for this info. I will work on an activity later to day. It is simple once you know what you are supposed to do.

    Thanks again!

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