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Thread: Blue Comet Line Route "REDUX" 1968-2000 Era in Progress

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    Well, I'm sorry to say that the "rail replacement bus" joke does carry over to those experienced with the MBTA in Boston.

    I have ridden a routemaster as well, although it was British Leyland double deckers in the seventies that were really my introduction to London buses. I still have not ridden one of Borris' new generation of routemasters. Given their track record, perhaps I never will.

    How do we get this discussion back to Mark's New Jersey route? Only thing that comes to mind is the Simon & Garfunkel song, "counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike, they've all gone to look for America!" I remember the first bus trip I took on the New Jersey turnpike, a charter bus with the high school choir and we had to sing that so very loudly while rolling through. My last bus trip on the New Jersey turnpike was on a double deck Megabus. And of course, from the New Jersey turnpike, the highlight was passing the old CNJ (then Conrail) chemical coast line. I wish I knew then what I know about freight cars now and could have sorted out just what I was seeing.


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    Default Another Doodle

    Not Prototypical livery but I noticed the staggered Logo on the front.

    A CM I believe? The one in the reference pictures had the parallelogram windows.

    Dorset - near The Swanage Railway.

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    Wondering how is the Route coming along? Hope everything is good with you!
    Dave Edwards

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    I too have been thinking about you, hoping everything is ok.

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