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Now, about that relay box...did you make individual crossing identification plates for your crossings, or did you do what I did and use one for all the crossings on a particular railroad?
I made one up using the Canadian National CFIL trackside box in the library here. I sent emails to see if I could just put a plate on the relay box for use in the route for when I release it, but got no reply's yet. The EULA states you need permission so I am hoping for an OK. Otherwise I have to try and find another to use for this part of the project. I wanted something like this for the older style look. I might have to go modern then which I really don't want but will use if I have to.

As for the answer to your question, I did this one directly to the box. I like to try and find a small plate so I can many them up to use with different markings along the ROWS of the route. This way I can keep the count and size down on the files.

BTW, your signs are great !!!